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I can not afford to invest at the moment, can I still join?

You can call us and we might be able to work out a deal, such as a student loan or a discount in exchange for equity in your venture.
UK based entrepreneurs may also wish to check out  startup loans  which you can get upto GBP 25,000 for a business loan or the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme which has tax advantages in investing in Start ups - call us for details.

Call us to discuss on +447733003930 or Book a FREE Strategy session.

We are a company can we invest in an MBC?

Yes. The MBC is a great way to invest in an innovation for your company. It can be ideal to kickstart an idea you or one of your employees always thought about bringing to market.
We truly believe that investing in MBCs will be one of the ways that executives can bring innovations to market. The great thing is that if you convince your company to invest in an MBC you will get a lot of the learning while they invest their money. A win-win!

What is the difference between a traditional MBA vs a Webpreneur MBC? 

In a traditional Masters of Business Administration you are taught the theory of how to run large companies.

With the Webpreneur Masters of Business Creation, you are taught how to create companies. Our programs are hands on - there is limited content to go through and no exams but you will practically have an idea brought to market. You actually get employees that we hire, train and manage that help you bring your vision to reality. We feel that there is no better learning to bring an idea to market than to actually do it.

What is your refund policy?

For the MBC you can ask for a full refund minus 5 % admin fees before any job offers have been given to your team.
With the MBC programmes we do NOT give a refund once job offers have been given as we have to hire, train, manage and pay the salaries of your team. If you pay in advance for a longer term commitment we do offer a 60 day break out clause. i.e. you can give us 60 days notice at any time and we refund you the unspent money. We charge the higher amount for the months used up to that point. This also protects your team as they get notice to look for other jobs.

Why should we outsource to Pakistan?

The level of English spoke in the country is generally good for university graduates. There is a lot of unemployment and it is even 25 % cheaper than India and Bangladesh. Here you can see the GDP per capita of Pakistan vs India and Bangladesh.

You can check out the Statistics from the World Bank

How do I register?

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