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Education, employment, government, media, retail, relationships and almost every industry and aspect of life has been impacted by the Internet - could you become the next disruptor?

 Reality is the greatest teacher!

At Webpreneur Academy we believe that reality is the greatest teacher - the only true way that you can know if you will be a successful webpreneur is to launch and test your product with the market.

The Masters of business Creation helps you do just that! 

The MBC gives you a team of two talented graduates in Pakistan. The MBC Elite gives you a team of six in Pakistan. The MBC Platinum gives you a team of ten in Pakistan and two in London to help you accelerate towards your goals. Along with hiring, training and managing your resources we provide you with the coaching you need to be successful online. Most education institutes only provide you with the theory - we focus on the real world.

And the best part?

You don't have to leave your day job to start your business. Start this as a side hustle. We will train you and your team to create successful products and services online and once you start generating enough revenue to quit your day job you can do so if you wish or simply keep your online income as an additional source of income (many of our executives are already earning a high income from their day jobs so the opportunity cost is too high for them to leave them now).

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Heres a detailed rundown of the services we offer

1. Masters of Business Creation 

In the MBC we hire, train and manage two full-time resources for you in Pakistan. These resources will work on your project (usually Mondays to Saturdays). They work from our offices so they get all the training and if for any reason you are not happy with them, we can replace them (you get to choose who you want to work with).

This means that if you don't have the time to implement the strategy you will have someone doing it for you. This could be a developer, Chief Technology Officer, Product Manager, Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager or Assistant. Whatever skills you think you need we will help recruit appropriately. Think of them as long-term members of your team. This would be ideal to develop your Minimum Viable Product.

 2. Masters of Business Creation Elite

You get everything in MBC plus you get another team of four resources working for you. We also pay a little better so you might get more experienced resources than MBC. This team of six can be a mix of developers and marketers. This team can really help you bring your idea to market, including the development and marketing of it. For most implementations a team of six is sufficient to get a decent product to market.

3. Masters of Business Creation Platinum 

You get everything in MBC Elite plus we hire, train and manage a further team of four in Pakistan (making it ten total in Pakistan) and a team of two in London, UK. Again, we pay for all the office space, training, laptops, salaries, internet etc so you have a team ready and committed to making your idea a reality.

The team in London may have better access to travel and present you as a London based brand which may help you gain even more clients.

You can book a free Strategy session where we can not only discuss your idea but also see if any of the above would be suited for you.

Meet some of my students over the years who have found success in their own ventures 

Roz worked in Johnson & Johnson in a job she was no longer passionate about. She was looking for a way out of the rat race. She took up coaching with me and within a short space of time was able to setup a multi-million dollar business having never run a business before.

Roz Webpreneur Academy - webpreneur Camp

Roz shares her transition from a Corporate Day Job to Successful Webpreneur . After attending Webpreneur camp, Roz was able to understand how the online business works and thanks to the coaching she got from Amir Anzur and his team she was able to run her business successfully online.

Soraya Chiah - Owner of GuiaEmDubai.com

Soraya was also stuck in a job in administration. She took help from us and was able to become a successful Internet entrepreneur hiring dozens of people for her tourism business.

Angela Stevens - Music teacher

Angela Stevens was able to transition from being a traditional music teacher in schools to teaching students online by setting up www.HomeBaseMusic.com 

Azeem Safi 

While completing his high school, Azeem's father decided to invest in Webpreneur Academy for his son as he saw that there was a bigger future in webpreneurship for his son than in going down traditional career paths. Azeem has now become a successful webpreneur managing several projects in blockchain technology.

Bruno Mustone

Bruno started ForcesPenPals.co.uk and our resources helped him accelerate his journey online. He has had his resources for over two years now and generates multiple-six figures online. 

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What numbers are you looking at in terms of cost?

MBC/MBC Elite/MBC Platinum courses include:

  • Recruitment, training and management of team
  • Replace members if things not working out
  • Different range of skills depending on your needs (Chief Technology Officer, Developer, Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager etc)
  • Access to mindGigs code base for faster results
  • Office space, smartphones, laptops and everything else needed to work for you successfully

Masters of Business Creation Pricing Plan:

MBC MBC Elite MBC Platinum
Pakistan 2 6 10
London 2
3 Months Upfront
(Monthly Equivalent)
USD 4,500
(USD 1,500)
USD 15,000
(USD 5,000)
USD 75,000
(USD 25,000)
12 Months Upfront
(Monthly Equivalent - 20 % discount)
USD 14,400
(USD 1,200)
USD 48,000
(USD 4,000)
USD 240,000
(USD 20,000)
24 Months Upfront
(Monthly Equivalent - 30 % discount)
USD 25,200
(USD 1,050)
USD 84,000
(USD 3,500)
USD 420,000
(USD 17,500)

*VAT at 20 % is payable for UK based students

The MBC course is a significant investment but compare this to what you might get otherwise. A typical contractor in London/New York would cost you USD 550 per day * 22 days = USD 12,100 per month.

Average full-time salaried developer in London/New York will cost you USD 6,750 and if you don't know what you are looking for you don't know who you should hire.

We have a hiring and interview process so we are more likely to get good people as we have done it before. We also have them surrounded by other developers and marketers so there is more knowledge share. We share our knowledge with them so they perform at a higher level than hiring an individual.

  • You will own 100 % equity and 100 % of the Intellectual Rights
  • Recruitment, training, management we will handle
  • Any changes is staff we will handle
  • Salaries, laptops, smartphones, office space, electricity, internet etc are included
  • You have a non-compete and confidentiality contract for your staff
  • Composition of the team we will decide once we have had your initial free consultation
  • We will shortlist each team member that we recommend, you have final say on actual hire

You can become an affiliate and expect to recieve hefty commissions

Our affiliate system is simple you will make 5 % of whatever someone you refer us spends on for the entire year since their first purchase for the Webpreneur 101 course and 5 % on the MBC courses. You can register for free by visiting here.
Our commissions are as follows: 

MBC MBC Elite MBC Platinum
Monthly - - -
3 Months Upfront USD 225 USD 750 USD 3,750
12 Months Upfront USD 720 USD 2,400 USD 12,000
24 Months Upfront USD 1,260 USD 4,200 USD 21,000

As an example if a student signs up for MBC 3 Months Upfront and pays USD 4,500 you receive a commission of USD 225. If they upgrade to MBC Platinum 24 Months Upfront within 1 year of initial sign-up you receive USD 21,000 additional commission. You receive the commissions on all signups within 1 year of initial sign-up. 

You get paid 60 days after the refund period is over i.e. your 21,000 commission for a 2 year upfront may receive partial payments for 2 years as we have to ensure that the customer does not ask for a refund during that time period. 

About the team that made all this possible

Webpreneur Academy was started in 2009 by Amir Anzur. Initially it was teaching the traditional way through events and online courses but we found that the best results was when the right people were connected to launch a business.

Now, based between London, UK and Peshawar, Pakistan we help our clients accelerate their journey online by connecting them to great talent and helping them get the most from that talent.

The current Webpreneur Academy consists of:

Amir Anzur is an Internet entrepreneur with over two decades of online experience and is the Dean of Webpreneur Academy. You can read more about him at www.AmirAnzur.com

Dara Blackney is our head of communications and PR and is based in London.

Sajjad Anwar is the Chief Technology Officer and has led the development of software like mindGigs.com so that we can quickly train your team to do user login, payment processing, integration with Amazon Web Services etc…

Bismillah Khan leads the product management and helps train up the team in tools such as Miro for product design.
He helps us manage our accounts on xero as well us manage our daily operations of the company.

Ali Afridi is the Chief Marketing Officer and can help train up your team on facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, MailChimp, Google Analytics etc

Isteshhad is our backend developer and an expert in the laravel framework. he also manages our databases. he is also experienced in affiliate marketing and responsible for training up interns that joins the company

Riaz Khan is our React developer. he is an expert in the tailwind css and antdesign and also experienced in creating ERD using tools such as draw.io etc.

Naveedullah Khan is our lead mobile app developer. he use the react native framework and can build an app from ground up, from the splash screen to the more complicated aspect such payment gateway and other api.

Zahid Hussain is our office manager. he makes sure the team has everything they need to be as productive as possible. 

Mohsin Naveed is our freelancing specilist and works as a consultant he happens to be our early adopter of our MBC program and has seen success over the course of the duration. 

Frequently asked questions

I can not afford to invest at the moment, can I still join?

For the Webpreneur 101 courses we offer all students upto 100 % interest free loan so that you can pay us back after beginning your education.

For the MBC courses call us and we might be able to work out a deal, such as a student loan or a discount in exchange for equity in your venture.

UK based entrepreneurs may also wish to check out https://www.startuploans.co.uk/ which you can get upto GBP 25,000 for a business loan or the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme which has tax advantages in investing in startups - call us for details.

Call us to discuss on +447733003930 or Book a FREE Strategy session.

We are a company can we invest in an MBC?

Yes. The MBC is a great way to invest in an innovation for your company. It can be ideal to kickstart an idea you or one of your employees always thought about bringing to market.

We truly believe that investing in MBCs will be one of the ways that executives can bring innovations to market. The great thing is that if you convince your company to invest in an MBC you will get a lot of the learning while they invest their money. A win-win!

What is your refund policy?

For the MBC you can ask for a full refund minus 5 % admin fees before any job offers have been given to your team.

With the MBC programmes we do NOT give a refund once job offers have been given as we have to hire, train, manage and pay the salaries of your team. If you pay in advance for a longer term commitment we do offer a 60 day break out clause. I.e. you can give us 60 days notice at any time and we refund you the unspent money. We charge the higher amount for the months used up to that point. This also protects your team as they get notice to look for other jobs.

For instance, if you invest in the MBC Platinum 24 months upfront at USD 420,000 (equivalent of USD 17,500 per month) and decide to terminate the project after 4 months. We would subtract 6 months of payments of USD 25,000 per month and refund the rest. This will refund you USD 420,000 - USD 150,000 = USD 270,000.

How do I get my certification?

For the Webpreneur 101 course you will have to prove that you have generated at least USD 1,000 within two years of starting the course. In order to get the "Webpreneur 101 with Distinction" you will need to prove you have generated USD 10,000 within two years of starting the course.

For the MBC courses in order to get the certification you need to prove that you have made at least USD 10,000 from your idea within 2 years of starting the programme. This will validate you have the seed of an idea.

In order to get the "Certificate with Distinction" you need to prove that you have earned at least USD 100,000 within the first 2 years of starting the MBC program.

Your team that works with you will also get an MBC certificate if they stay with you for two years - this gives them an incentive to work with you longer as they have something to look forward to.

There are no exams - just reality of the marketplace telling you if your ideas are worth paying for! If you choose to do a non-profit you need to raise the same amount as above to help you go towards your mission.

How will I learn?

In the Webpreneur 101 you will have online content to go through as well as the weekly coaching calls. The weekly coaching calls are an essential part of your growth.

In the MBC along with everything in Webpreneur 101, you will have actual employees that we will hire, train and manage for you. You will learn practical leadership and management skills as well as the technology, marketing, strategy and innovation skills it takes to be successful online.

You will lead an outsourced team that is working exclusively for you and you do not have to give away any equity. You can give as little or as much direction to the team as you want.

For instance, you could say copy product xyz and build a different brand looking at product abc for ideas. The team would then go away and design and build it. You can have short daily catchup with the team, for instance before going to your regular work, or have a weekly catchup on a Saturday morning with the team to monitor progress. The more you put in the more you will learn and the more your vision is likely to be realized. The great thing about hiring a team is that they might actually come out with a better outcome then what you might even have imagined.

The internet is changing so fast that once you get your team on board we will ensure they have the latest tools and knowledge to be successful with you.

What is the difference between a traditional MBA vs a Webpreneur MBC?

In a traditional Masters of Business Administration you are taught the theory of how to run large companies. With the Webpreneur Masters of Business Creation, you are taught how to create companies. Our programs are hands on - there is limited content to go through and no exams but you will practically have an idea brought to market.

You actually get employees that we hire, train and manage that help you bring your vision to reality. We feel that there is no better learning to bring an idea to market than to actually do it.

How do I register?

Call/SMS/WhatsApp us now on +447733003930 or Book a FREE Strategy session or Register Here. 

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