Launching an Internet business? Let us hire, train and manage your team for you!

Reality is the greatest teacher! 

At Webpreneur Academy we believe that reality is the greatest teacher - the only true way that you can know if you will be a successful webpreneur is to launch and test your product in the market.

The Masters of Business Creation helps you do just that!

The MBC gives you a team of two talented graduates to work on your vision. Along with hiring, training and managing your resources we provide you with the coaching you need to be successful online. Most education institutes only provide you with the theory - we focus on the real world.  

You don't have to leave your day job to start your business. Start this as a side hustle. We will train you and your team with all that you need to create successful products and services online and once you start generating enough revenue to quit your day job you can do so if you wish or simply keep your online income as an additional source of income. 

Masters Of Business Creation 

We provide a resource for you to start with but you can add on as many resources as you wish. Typically we start with a product manager who is able to shape your vision into a plan and then you
can hire a developer to turn that plan into reality

> Recruitment, training and management of team

> Replace members if things not working out

> Different range of skills depending on your needs (Chief Technology Officer, Developer, Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager etc)

> Access to code base that we have that can accelerate your results.

> Office space, wifi, smartphones, laptops and everything else your team needs

Masters of Business Creation Pricing Plan:

1 Month Upfront

  • $1,250

3 Months Upfront

  • $3,265

    ($1,088.33 Monthly - Save 13%)

12 Months Upfront

  • $10,500

    ($875 Monthly - Save 30%)

Need more resources?

Additional resources will cost USD 1,250 per month for you to hire at the same rate as above. The MBC course is a significant investment but compare this to what you might get otherwise. A typical contractor in London/New York would cost you USD 550 per day * 22 days = USD 12,100 per month. Average full-time salaried developer in London/New York will cost you USD 6,750 and if you don't know what you are looking for you don't know who you should hire. We have a hiring and interview process so we are more likely to get good people as we have done it before. We also have them surrounded by other developers and marketers so there is more knowledge share. We share our knowledge with them so they perform at a higher level than hiring an individual.

You will own 100 % equity and 100 % of the Intellectual Rights

 Recruitment, training, management we will handle

 Any changes in staff we will handle

Salaries, laptops, smartphones, office space, electricity, internet etc are included

You have a non-compete and confidentiality contract for your staff

Composition of the team we will decide once we have had your initial free consultation. We will shortlist each team member that we recommend, you have final say on actual hire

Spread the word, and earn upto 30% commission

Spread the word, and earn upto  30% commission

Meet the people that will transform your team to  deliver your vision

Amir Anzur


Amir Anzur is an Internet entrepreneur with over two decades of online experience. His clients include Amazon, Google, Samsung and Xbox and he has had over 300 domains online and sold millions of dollars of services. He is the Dean of Webpreneur Academy.

Website: www.amiranzur.com

Sajjad Anwar


Sajjad Anwar is the Chief Technology Officer and has led the development of software like mindGigs.com. He can interview your technical team and ensure you get the best people on board. He can also ensure your team quickly figure out how to do the standard functionality of your software which will include user login, payment processing, integration with Amazon Web Services etc…

Bismillah Khan


Bismillah Khan leads the product management and helps train up the team in tools such as Miro for product design. He helps us manage our accounts on xero as well us manage our daily operations of the company.

Ali Afridi

Digital Marketer

Ali Afridi is the Chief Marketing Officer and can help train up your team on facebook ads, YouTube ads, LinkedIn ads, MailChimp, Google Analytics 
Hotjar etc.    He is the go to authority in the paid ads platforms.

Riaz Khan

Front-End Developer

Riaz Khan is our React developer. He is an expert in the tailwind CSS, antdesign and also experienced in creating ERD using tools such as draw.io etc.


Cross-platform app developer

Naveedullah Khan is our lead mobile app developer. He uses the react native framework and can build an app from ground up, from the splash screen to the more complicated aspect such as payment gateway and other APIs.

Email us at: support@webpreneuracademy.com or call us at: +44 7733003930

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