Ask someone in a nice safe job working for a salary “I have an idea, do you think I should go for it and start my own business?” and the most likely answers you will get:

– “You know 9 out of 10 businesses fail…”

– “You are lucky to have the job that you do and in this economy getting another job is going to be difficult….”

– “You know there are a lot of people already doing that idea…”

– “Sounds great, but….”

Being an entrepreneur is not easy.  Easier path is to employment – you have to sell yourself ONCE to one person or a team of HR and once you are hired you are almost guaranteed an income at the end of the month as long as you can follow orders.

As an entrepreneur, you wake up unemployed every single day.  And unless you go out and make things happen, nothing will happen.  You won’t get your pay check at the end of the month.  You can be a genius, but unless the market loves what you do and is ready for what your provide, you might go hungry for a few weeks/months or even years.

But there is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than the creative freedom to do what you want in the world.  To know that YOU are in charge of your own destiny and it isn’t determined by your boss or someone way up the ladder that you have never met before.

Unless your parents were entrepreneurs, don’t bother asking them if you should become an entrepreneur – the answer is likely to be that you should get a job.  Unless your work colleagues are living a life they love and enjoy true freedom don’t bother asking them if you should become an entrepreneur – their answer is likely to be wait it out, things will get better in your job once X leaves and besides you are only Y months away from your next promotion.

Follow other entrepreneurs.  Read their books.  Attend their seminars.  Join networking organizations which connect entrepreneurs.  And ask them how you should go about making your idea happen.  And if you can live with some uncertainty, become a leader rather than a follower and the realisation that YOU can design your own life rather than a boss/parent/teacher than perhaps entrepreneurship can be for you.

If you ask me: Yes – you can become an entrepreneur.  And Yes – you can go out and make that idea happen.

Ultimately though, YOU have to decide is it worth the hours, the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship or should you kick back, enjoy the steady cash flow and live your life on the weekends.


Amir Anzur

Author: WCan

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