Masters of Business Creation

If you are planning to start a business and you think it is too complicated to begin all by yourself, Choose an option between Master of Business Creation or Master of Business Creation Elite. You need to be willing to take some risks and leave all your hesitations behind and let Webpreneur Academy help you build the business you imagined piece by piece.



The Masters of Business Creation is a one year program where you have a team of 3 University graduates based in Peshawar or Manila to work on creating and growing your business.

3 Webpreneur Assistant from Manila and or Peshawar will be working for you remotely at your preferred time zone.

This team will collaborate with you daily.This program is highly recommended to uprising entrepreneur who wants to kick start their business globally.

What are you waiting for? Let’s put your business to the next level!

3 Webpreneur Assistant + Amir Anzur

GBP 25,000 (plus VAT)

The Masters of Business Creation Elite is also a one year program that will give you 6 Webpreneur Assistant to jumpstart your business ideas from scratch.

3 Webpreneur Assistant from Manila and or Peshawar will be working for you remotely Plus the advantage of having 3 UK based Webpreneur Assistant on board that will work beside you at your home or at your physical office. You can mobilized and meet them regularly. This allows for organic team collaboration and will help them to become a more powerful team, and ultimately leading to better overall results in your business.

Investment that is worth way more what will you pay for!

6 Webpreneur Assistant + Amir Anzur

GBP 100,000 (plus VAT)

Each team members will work for you 6 days a week and we will scheduled to have people working for you on Sundays and even Holidays. This will ensure that your business will run 7 days a week.

Along with this, you will have a direct mentoring on how to startup and take your business to the next level from the UK’s  #1 Business Guru, Amir Anzur.

This will be your advantage against your online business competitors. You are a million steps higher having Amir Anzur on board as your Business Consultant. He will strategically work with you for the advancement of your business. He will then show you how you will get from here to there based on the concepts you have in your business minded head.


Discuss to us your business, the job description and your business needs. We will brainstorm and plan the business for you. We will source, screen,do initial interview and match candidates who are perfect for that role. We’ll then send you the best candidates resumes and line up qualified candidates to be final interviewed by you over Skype. You can start collaborating with your team once you handpicked the best candidate for the role and lead them to their task. We’ll check in on the staff regularly during their employment and provide ongoing support for you and your virtual Assistant.

The webpreneurs that will work on your project are top rated university graduates in respective field in Latest Trend in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Programming, Web Technology, Project Management, Business Management, Secretarial Administration and Science related course from good reputable University. We highly recommend our webpreneurs who have years of working experience working with international clients like you.

NOTE: If for any reason you are not satisfied with the team or team member, we will replace them for you.


  • To help you develop and grow your business by providing proper training and business networks to make your ideas into reality.
  • To show you how to successfully structure and run your business so we can take it globally.
  • To strategically positioned your team to serve you at your location and have the needed training as well.


Full assistance in all aspect of your business.  

Access to the MBC WhatsApp group to share and teach each other insider information 

Classroom session with Amir Anzur every 1st Saturday of the month

Chance to meet like minded webpreneurs

Reach Amir Anzur’s mobile number (077 3300 3930) at reasonable hours to help guide you with the business.