Weekly Immersion with the Expert

Amir Anzur

Network with business minded people

Sharing of Ideas

Be inspired with story of success

This weekly immersion  is set to bring you insight on

  • how Amir Anzur online brand www.AmirAnzur.com helps him generate an income
  • how Amir Anzur’s book  www.internetism.org helps him generate an income and why you should write yours too
  • how Amir Anzur  manage over 20 staff which start from as little as $150 per university graduate working 48 hours a week.

This is open to all businessman and aspiring businessman. This event is sectioned to provide a time for exchange of best practices in the field of Online Business systems, we believe it will provide cultivating experience for all of the participants.

You will also get a FREE copy of Mr. Amir Anzur book. INTERNETISM “The believe that the Internet will make the world a wealthier place.”



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